Stop Snoring Appliances


How to Stop Snoring: Help with Sleep

Ashford Orthodontics are now the UK supplier of the latest appliances that help stop snoring in sleep. Thousands of people in the UK are desperate to know how to stop snoring and are constantly searching for snoring “cures and remedies”. The aim of our service is to “help with sleep”. When using our methods to help stop snoring, clients dramatically increase their probability of getting more sleep. Under the name Stop Snoring Solutions, Ashford Orthodontics is an affiliated supplier of the number one cure for sleep apnea “Orthoapnoea” anti snoring device. We are aware that a client’s pricing budget for sleep disorders can vary and so therefore produce a range of low cost alternatives to Orthoapnoea.

What to do about snoring and how to get good sleep?

Many people who suffer from severe snoring, or their partners, have no idea what to do about snoring. Our team at Ashford Orthodontics Laboratory are currently in the process of corresponding with the President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, Mr Roy Dookun, with regards to taking part in a National Study looking into Sleep Disorders such as sleep apnoea, as well as research into how to get good sleep. We believe, with our Orthodontic work, we can make people more aware of the ways to stop snoring in sleep. Snoring cures and remedies are few and far between, with many online websites only offering advice on ways to stop snoring, not providing a working appliance. Through Stop Snoring Solutions we offer a physical appliance that will actually help with sleep by making a distinct difference to a patient’s snoring. It is important to remember how much snoring can affect a patient’s partner, depriving them of sleep, and ultimately causes sleep disorders such as sleep amnea.