Ashford Orthodontics partners with local orthodontic centre to offer the latest 3D digital technology


Cutting edge technology which creates a ‘virtual’ record of patients’ teeth is hitting the North East, thanks to investment by Sunderland-based orthodontic laboratory, Ashford Orthodontics, which has teamed up with Wearside Orthodontic Centre to provide the latest in orthodontic technology for their patients – 3D digital study models. Ashford Orthodontics will be creating the ‘virtual’ models for Wearside Orthodontic Centre’s patients, which will replace the traditional plaster models made from impressions of patients’ teeth.

The traditional plaster models of patients’ teeth can often take up significant amounts of space in practices while digital 3D study models mean that impressions can be scanned in 3D scanners and saved as digital files, thus saving hugely in physical storage space.

Sean Thompson, managing director at Ashford Orthodontics, said: “It is great to be partnered with another Sunderland-based business to provide the latest in orthodontic technology. Digital 3D technology means that the geographical boundaries that we have traditionally worked within are now removed and we can work with clinicians anywhere in the world – whether that is Sunderland or Australia, and that bodes well for the future.”

Callum Rushforth, one of the practice principles at Wearside Orthodontic Centre commented: “It has been great to work with another local business to provide this latest technology. The conversion to digital study models has made a real difference to our practice and how we work. The ease with which we can view patients’ dentition and discuss treatment options with them whilst demonstrating them on the handheld devices has drastically improved patient relations.”

Ashford Orthodontics, which manufactures bespoke orthodontic appliances, has seen continuous growth over the last 15 years, and has an extensive client base both nationally and internationally with clinicians in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand now using Ashford Orthodontics’ digital capabilities to place orders for the company’s leading orthodontic appliances. For more information visit

Wearside Orthodontic Centre was founded in 2001 by Callum Rushforth and Simon Lovel and offers both private and NHS orthodontic treatment. For more information visit