Ashford Orthodontics are now delighted to have the very latest advanced 3D printers and scanners. We offer excellent rates for all our 3D scanning and printing services. Please contact us for a quotation.

Our 3D scanners and printers have become the tool of choice for most orthodontists, due to the latest announcements at the British Orthodontic Conference in Manchester regarding the necessity for submission of digital study models only from 2014.

We now have a designated 3D scanning and printing suite within the laboratory offering clients the latest in digital techniques. The 3shape scanners and ProJet® Series Printers can cater for all of the needs of even the most discerning clients.

Digital Study Models

Orthodontic Digital Study Models – what are the benefits? 

You can save time, space and money with digital study models instead of traditional gypsum models

Using digital study models not only saves on space in the practice, but it can also have significant financial and logistic benefits too. Patients’ models are instantly available and they can be uploaded to hand held devices for ease of movement around the practice. In addition, clinical time is greatly reduced as replacement retainers can be made from the digital files held on record, so there is no need for emergency appointments.

The speed of a replacement retainer is vital in minimising relapse of the final dentition, and this digital process can also help you retain a patient for life – even if they have moved away from the area. Patients can simply contact your practice to order a replacement retainer rather than attending a practice in their locality. Utilising the latest state-of-the art 3D printing and scanning equipment, Ashford Orthodontics can now provide replacement retainers directly to patients anywhere in the world within a few days.

3D scanners and printers have become the tool of choice for a lot of orthodontists, and the announcement in 2014 at the British Orthodontic Conference in Manchester reaffirmed the need for this facility, stating the necessity for submission of study models in digital format only from now on. By using Ashford Orthodontics 3D facilities, you do not need to invest in expensive equipment, thereby making significant financial savings for your practice.

Simply send your alginate impressions as normal, or even the patients’ original gypsum models, and we will scan them and return the digital models to you. We can even make the retainers at the same time!

Once you have saved the digital file of the finished dentition, replacing retainers is simple: you need only send us the digital file via email and we can 3D print the model of the end dentition; make the retainer, and dispatch it direct to the patient within 48 hours.

The replacement procedure eliminates clinical time and the inconvenience of creating another impression.

All of Ashford Orthodontics gypsum and digital study models are of the highest quality as our laboratory is DAMAS registered. All of our technicians are General Dental Council and Orthodontic Technicians Association registered also, so quality is assured at all times.