Ashford Orthodontics expands with new laboratory premises


Sunderland-based Ashford Orthodontics has moved into a new and much larger ‘state of the art’ laboratory to accommodate for further expansion of the business in 2016. The orthodontic laboratory offers the latest in orthodontic technologies and solutions, including the manufacture of appliances and 3D printing and scanning for orthodontic purposes.

The move was prompted by the increase in demand for Ashford Orthodontics’ services, both in the UK and internationally. The business has seen continuous growth over the last 15 years and during 2015, the company recruited eight new members of staff. This growth is expected to continue in 2016, with the company aiming to employ a further ten members of staff.

The new laboratory is based in Southwick Industrial Estate and at 6000 sq ft, is five times the size of the previous laboratory, which was based in Sunniside. The new laboratory is situated near to where the iconic New Wear Crossing bridge is being built and on the proposed new corridor from the A19 and A1M, meaning it is easily accessible for potential and current clients.

The new laboratory features a brand new training and learning facility where both internal and external courses for a variety of specialist services can be held. This will enable Ashford Orthodontics to showcase its expertise and capabilities to delegates from around the UK.

Sean Thompson, director of Ashford Orthodontics commented: “Our new laboratory opens up the potential for further growth of Ashford Orthodontics. Having almost doubled in size since 2014, we aim to take on even more staff during 2016 and increase our production capability.”

“As we expand, the size and space of the new laboratory means we will be able to improve efficiency of our production techniques for manufacturing the latest orthodontic solutions and technologies – such as our state-of-the-art 3D scanning and digital printing facilities.”

Ashford Orthodontics manufactures bespoke orthodontic appliances and has an extensive client base both nationally and internationally. Clinicians in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand now use Ashford Orthodontics’ digital capabilities to place orders for the company’s leading orthodontic appliances, with traditional geographical boundaries having now been removed through the development of its digital capabilities.

Ashford Orthodontics partners with local orthodontic centre to offer the latest 3D digital technology


Cutting edge technology which creates a ‘virtual’ record of patients’ teeth is hitting the North East, thanks to investment by Sunderland-based orthodontic laboratory, Ashford Orthodontics, which has teamed up with Wearside Orthodontic Centre to provide the latest in orthodontic technology for their patients – 3D digital study models. Ashford Orthodontics will be creating the ‘virtual’ models for Wearside Orthodontic Centre’s patients, which will replace the traditional plaster models made from impressions of patients’ teeth.

The traditional plaster models of patients’ teeth can often take up significant amounts of space in practices while digital 3D study models mean that impressions can be scanned in 3D scanners and saved as digital files, thus saving hugely in physical storage space.

Sean Thompson, managing director at Ashford Orthodontics, said: “It is great to be partnered with another Sunderland-based business to provide the latest in orthodontic technology. Digital 3D technology means that the geographical boundaries that we have traditionally worked within are now removed and we can work with clinicians anywhere in the world – whether that is Sunderland or Australia, and that bodes well for the future.”

Callum Rushforth, one of the practice principles at Wearside Orthodontic Centre commented: “It has been great to work with another local business to provide this latest technology. The conversion to digital study models has made a real difference to our practice and how we work. The ease with which we can view patients’ dentition and discuss treatment options with them whilst demonstrating them on the handheld devices has drastically improved patient relations.”

Ashford Orthodontics, which manufactures bespoke orthodontic appliances, has seen continuous growth over the last 15 years, and has an extensive client base both nationally and internationally with clinicians in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand now using Ashford Orthodontics’ digital capabilities to place orders for the company’s leading orthodontic appliances. For more information visit

Wearside Orthodontic Centre was founded in 2001 by Callum Rushforth and Simon Lovel and offers both private and NHS orthodontic treatment. For more information visit

Case Study – Wearside Orthodontic Centre



Sunderland-based specialist orthodontic practice, Wearside Orthodontic Centre, was looking for a solution to the problem of stockpiling thousands of sets of patients’ plaster study models.

An announcement at the British Orthodontic Conference in Manchester in 2014 meant that it was now a necessity to submit all study models to the board in digital format only. Following this, practice manager Julie Spurs took the decision to look at the possibility of moving her plaster study models into digital format. Wearside Orthodontic Centre was looking for a solution that would save on time and money and would cause the least amount of disruption and expenditure for the practice.

After a discussion with practice principles Callum Rushforth and Simon Lovel, it was decided that offering patients the benefits of digital models was in keeping with the company’s values of providing the very best orthodontic treatments possible and briefed Ashford Orthodontics to provide this service.


Ashford Orthodontics worked alongside Wearside Orthodontic Centre to create 3D digital records of the dentition of each of its patients’.

By working with both the original gypsum models and final dentition alginate impressions, Ashford Orthodontics created 3D scans of each of their patients and converted them to 3D digital study models, allowing Wearside to save the digital files into their patients’ records.


The result was that the new virtual storage of the study models significantly saved space at Wearside Orthodontic Centre and now allows models of the patients’ mouths to be 3D printed by Ashford Orthodontics for any replacement appliances that may be needed.

Furthermore, the digital study models offered by Ashford Orthodontics have a financial benefit to Wearside Orthodontic Centre also, as the digital models are now less expensive than the older plaster models.

Ashford Orthodontics offered an additional advantage for Wearside as the digital 3D images can be transferred to handheld devices and taken to various treatment rooms in the practice, allowing clinical staff the opportunity to discuss virtual records of the patients’ teeth from any angle, with the images being totally maneuverable on the screen via touch control.

Julie Spurs commented: “We have been considering switching for some time now, but we imagined that it would be tedious, expensive and time consuming to make this happen, but Ashford Orthodontics made switching really easy and without any expensive outlay either! We have always provided the very best for our patients by offering the very latest in Orthodontic techniques and ‘going digital’ with Ashford Orthodontics definitely ticked all the boxes for us.”

Christmas opening hours at Ashford Orthodontics 2015/16


Due to essential maintenance of equipment and premises, the laboratory will be closed from 12.30 pm lunchtime on Thursday 24 December and will fully re-open for business as usual on Monday 4 January.

We will provide a skeleton service on Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 December in order to record and cast every impression received in the post during this period, but all manufacturing of orders will recommence on Monday 4 January 2016.

We would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and sincerely thank everybody for their continued support for 2016!

Ashford Orthodontics expands with six new recruits


Ashford Orthodontics has embarked on a further expansion of the business with six new members of staff joining its highly skilled team.

Ashford Orthodontics has seen continuous growth over the last 15 years and will soon be moving to a new and much larger state-of-the-art laboratory over the coming months.

New recruits Daniel Ormston (23), Imira Ramadan (25), Dominic Shaw (34), Robyn Pears (19), Lois Scott (17) and Susan Broadbent (48) have now all joined the team. All of the new recruits are from the Sunderland area and were previously unemployed.

Ashford Orthodontics is committed to playing its part in reducing unemployment levels in Sunderland, and over one third of its current staff have been drawn from the long-term unemployed and have been trained internally.

Imira, Lois and Robyn will be joining the team in production, where they will be making plaster study models of the patients’ mouths, with an 18 month apprenticeship with the firm to follow. Daniel will be joining the Digital / 3D department. Dominic and Susan meanwhile, join the administrative team, which has grown from just one person to a team of four in the last 18 months.

Sean Thompson, director of Ashford Orthodontics, commented: “As our business continues to grow and develop in the UK and internationally, we have found a need to expand very quickly and I’m delighted to have Imira, Robyn, Dominic, Susan and Lois join our team.”

“It is one of my passions to provide employability for those who often have been forgotten about in the local community. In our 15 years in business, we have provided excellent training and sustainable employment for numerous local people, and we are very proud of our contribution in this area. We have never had anybody leave us to work elsewhere, so I feel this proves that we must be doing something right.”

Ashford Orthodontics’ state-of-the-art laboratory and skilled technicians have produced high end dental and orthodontic appliances across the UK for more than 15 years. The company currently offers the latest in Orthodontic technology, incorporating the latest 3D printing and scanning facilities and has proven itself as a leading orthodontic industry specialist.

Clinicians in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand are now using Ashford Orthodontics’ digital capabilities to place orders for the company’s leading orthodontic appliances.

Sean added: “We can receive digital data from anywhere in the world, use this data to 3D print extremely accurate models of the patients’ mouths, we can then manufacture any of our orthodontic appliances on that model and ship it back anywhere via our logistics partner UPS, and all within one week. The geographical boundaries that we have traditionally worked within in this profession have now been removed with the introduction of our digital capabilities, and this bodes very well for the future.”

Ashford Orthodontics Rebrand


Last week Ashford Orthodontics unveiled a new logo, which has been redesigned as part of a significant brand refresh. The refresh was commissioned to reflect their continuous growth over the last 15 years and subsequent expansion of the business, which will even see the movement of Ashford Orthodontics for the second time to a new and much larger ‘state of the art’ laboratory over the coming months.

The new logo design features two ‘tooth’ shapes overlapping to form a heart-shape in the centre. The overlapping images were a conscious decision to exemplify the latest ‘3D’ state-of-the-art technology in printing and scanning that Ashford Orthodontics are able to provide on a global scale with speed and efficiency. The love heart emphasises the ‘human touch’ that Ashford Orthodontics provide at all times, giving that personal service which can’t be replicated by automated systems. The overall design highlights the promise that Ashford Orthodontics will only use the highest quality materials, ensuring the delivery of quality products to you that will last. Consequently, the new design positions Ashford Orthodontics at the forefront of orthodontic technologies as the business develops to meet their objectives.

The new design has been well received at the business and Sean Thompson, Director, commented: “I am thrilled with the new logo and feel it accurately conveys our business goals and our promise to be the state-of-the-art Orthodontics lab that provides the highest quality products at affordable prices.”

Stop Snoring Appliances


How to Stop Snoring: Help with Sleep

Ashford Orthodontics are now the UK supplier of the latest appliances that help stop snoring in sleep. Thousands of people in the UK are desperate to know how to stop snoring and are constantly searching for snoring “cures and remedies”. The aim of our service is to “help with sleep”. When using our methods to help stop snoring, clients dramatically increase their probability of getting more sleep. Under the name Stop Snoring Solutions, Ashford Orthodontics is an affiliated supplier of the number one cure for sleep apnea “Orthoapnoea” anti snoring device. We are aware that a client’s pricing budget for sleep disorders can vary and so therefore produce a range of low cost alternatives to Orthoapnoea.

What to do about snoring and how to get good sleep?

Many people who suffer from severe snoring, or their partners, have no idea what to do about snoring. Our team at Ashford Orthodontics Laboratory are currently in the process of corresponding with the President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine, Mr Roy Dookun, with regards to taking part in a National Study looking into Sleep Disorders such as sleep apnoea, as well as research into how to get good sleep. We believe, with our Orthodontic work, we can make people more aware of the ways to stop snoring in sleep. Snoring cures and remedies are few and far between, with many online websites only offering advice on ways to stop snoring, not providing a working appliance. Through Stop Snoring Solutions we offer a physical appliance that will actually help with sleep by making a distinct difference to a patient’s snoring. It is important to remember how much snoring can affect a patient’s partner, depriving them of sleep, and ultimately causes sleep disorders such as sleep amnea.

It’s all about smiling!


A smile has topped a poll of the most important physical features when it comes to attraction between men and women. The results of a survey, carried out on behalf of the British Dental Health Foundation, revealed a smile was rated highly by 56% of respondents, closely followed by faces (53%) and eyes (51%). Dress sense, body shape, hair and height were also measured, with the latter bringing up the rear on 25%. Chief Executive of the BDHF, Nigel Carter, believes even a small gesture like a smile can have a big difference when it comes to securing a date for Valentine’s Day, so get out there today and show off your smile but be careful who you do it to!