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Ashford Orthodontics was established in 2001 by one of the UK’s most experienced and successful technicians, Sean Thompson. Sean identified an increasing demand for a high quality orthodontic laboratory capable of offering specialist orthodontic technical services to orthodontic and dental professionals. This need arose due to the lack of specialist orthodontic technicians in the UK, and particularly so in the North East and North West of England, resulting in substandard orthodontic work being carried out in non–specialist laboratories. Furthermore, we wanted to offer orthodontists and dental professionals a fair, cost effective orthodontic laboratory price list.

Ashford Orthodontics has been successful in its quest to provide a solution to this orthodontic laboratory problem, and has gone from strength to strength by providing a high quality, specialist, technical service to clients at all times. Ashford Orthodontics soon expanded their services to cover the North East, North West, East & West Midlands, South West & South East, Greater London, Yorkshire & Humber, North East Scotland, South of Scotland, East and West Central Scotland. We are building a reputation for a Specialist Technical Service and a quality that is second to none.

Ashford Orthodontics became a limited company in 2005 with the introduction of two new directors; Craig Stevens and Graeme Winyard, two experienced orthodontic and dental technicians. With over 70 years of experience between us, both in private practice and hospital clinics, Ashford Orthodontics has the pedigree that is necessary to provide a high quality service at all times. The company has experienced extraordinary growth since its inception, currently employing a number of highly experienced members of staff, making Ashford one of the most progressive orthodontic laboratory’s in the country. We have always adopted a ‘non production line’ approach to our technical services, with the quality of the staff we employ being directly reflected in the quality of the work produced!

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you require any more further information or our orthodontic laboratory price list.

Sean Thompson
(Adv.Prosth/Adv.Orth./ DIP.PS.(dist) M.P.T. M.M.U./ L.O.T.A.)

An Orthodontic Laboratory providing specialist Orthodontic Technical services with free delivery across the UK


Ashford Orthodontics also offers a ‘FREE’ postal service.

We will send you some address labels and packaging, then simply attach the free post label to the packaging and pop it in the post box. If you run out of free post labels, simply click the link below to print one off.


We also prioritise all postal work so that we can, if requested, send orders out on the same day by return post. This is particularly important for retainers.

In theory, a patient could be de-bonded on a Monday for example, and have the retainers fitted once the post arrives on the Thursday, which is quicker than most local labs can offer from a pick up and delivery service.

How can we achieve this and still guarantee our renowned quality?

Quite simple….Ashford Orthodontics operates a ‘split shift’ system, which means the lab operates for 18 hours per day, split between three shifts. This means we can accommodate even the quickest of turn round times, without compromising our first class quality. A director is present on every shift, thus ensuring ‘all bases are covered’ at all times.

If you still require further reassurances, why not ask for some of our existing clients contact details, so you can ring for a reference.


Ashford Orthodontics offer clients the latest orthodontic technologies and solutions at high quality and affordable costs. We also now offer free postage.

We supply specialist appliances to orthodontists and dental professionals across the UK. All our work is individually made to each orthodontist’s specific requirements, no matter how specialised and unique they may be. Ashford Orthodontics has a unique production system that ensures we produce high quality appliances at all times, whilst still offering a cost effective laboratory price list. Each appliance that we produce is started and finished by the same fully qualified G.D.C registered technician, ensuring a fast and effective service. We therefore are able to provide a quick and efficient service to national and international clinics. With the latest, state-of-the-art technology in 3D printing and scanning, we are able to provide our services on a global scale with speed and efficiency.

Our team of expert G.D.C registered Orthodontic Technicians are all members of the Orthodontic Technicians Association, which is part of The British Orthodontic Society, and regulated by the General Dental Council

We do not use ‘process workers’ or support the ‘production line’ mentality of other laboratories, and this reflects in the quality of the product and services that we are able to offer the client, and ultimately the patient.

We are confident that we can supply almost every device that is available on today’s market, including some of our own unique designs. Whether it’s a simple plaster working model, a fully cast Cobalt Chrome Herbst appliance or Osteotomy model planning and surgical wafers, we can supply it all!

Every appliance leaving our premises will first go through a three tier quality control check, where it is checked by three different qualified orthodontic technicians, so you can be sure of 100% quality and reliability at all times. We are so confident of our quality control system, that we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied that any of our products matched the prescription or fitted the models supplied.

If you wish to view our orthodontic laboratory price list please click here


Sean Thompson
Craig Stevens
Graeme Winyard