Narval CC™

A device for the treatment of adult obstructive sleep apnoea.

Narval CC™ is one of a kind. It holds your jaw in a position that naturally and comfortably keeps your airways open while you sleep. This ensures improved comfort and greater treatment efficacy.

For the best fit and the greatest comfort, your Narval CC™ device will be custom made using CAD/CAM* technology to suit your unique and complex dental anatomy. Its innovative design means you can speak and drink liquids while wearing your device. The result is a discreet, comfortable, effective solution that’s clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnoea and improve quality of life.

Ashford Orthodontics has been chosen by world leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine ‘ResMed’ to supply the world’s first 3D printed solution to snoring and Sleep Apnoea, namely the NARVAL CC™ appliance.
Our advanced state of the art 3D facility was a huge factor in their decision to choose Ashford Orthodontics, as this allows us to communicate digitally with their production facility in France. The accuracy of the fit of this custom made appliance makes it second to none in its field, and the NARVAL CC™ is also the smallest and most discreet of any similar appliance available to date. The Nylon based Poly Amide material is extremely hard wearing and virtually indestructible under normal use due to its laser sintered production technique and is even ‘dishwasher’ proof!
The Narval CC™ comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against production defects and it’s lifespan is estimated at between 3-5 years under normal usage.

For more information on the NARVAL CC™ appliance or to find a supplying Dentist near you, please contact us here and we’ll get back to you.