Something Spooky’s Going On
31st October 2019
Something Spooky’s Going On

On Friday the 25th October, over 60 employees embarked on a thrilling team-building night of fear and fun to Psycho Path’s immersive Halloween experience. Split into groups, the staff headed into the forest at Lintz Hall Farm on a 45-minute trek, facing some of their biggest fears!

The teams had to make their way through three sections of fear; Anarchy Arcade, Psycho City and Fearground, each filled with gruesome rooms and actors designed to give the loudest scares. Kye (Digital Technician) and Gary (Casting Room Team Leader) were equipped with a camera to capture the scariest moments of the walk… Little did we know it would be a bit of fog to give them the biggest fright of all!

Once the terrifying journey was complete, they were bustled into the back of an empty van to be transported back to the main barn, where everyone was able to have some drinks, food and a good laugh about the events prior! After finally recovering from the torturous ordeal (it took Rachel longer than most!), they had the chance to tackle the last scare challenge. iScream, a mini circus-themed clown maze was a real horror for anyone with claustrophobia – just ask Bobbie!

Before boarding the bus back to Sunderland, the exhausted and somewhat relieved survivors were sure to fill up on cocktails from Quaff Box and delicious burgers from Tango. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next year!

Check out the video on our social channels for the full encounter.